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Pulka Original

Pulka Original


Concrete bowl Půlka is our best selling bowl. First of all, it has ideal dimensions, it is neither large nor small and its range of uses is quite unlimited. It excels both when arranging fruit or dried decorations on the dining table and when placed on low coffee tables in the living room. Our customers also use it for example for cotton balls, serving fruit salads, as a decorative bowl on the mantelpiece or completely empty, purely as a decoration. <br> Our bowls have a well thought-out ratio between the thickness of the rim and the base. We made sure that the edge is as thin as possible, but still strong enough to support the weight of the whole bowl. The base is then sturdy and, thanks to the low centre of gravity, keeps the bowl stable and impact resistant. The bowl is thus no mere concrete shell, but a well thought out and time-tested system of proportions. The model for the bowl is created by stuccoing and then retouching. Our bowls thus have a unique texture with a beautiful decadent trace of craftsmanship. The bowl is also treated with a blend of oils and hard waxes, certified for food contact, to protect its surface against abrasion and staining. Thanks to the "open" profile, the Half bowls can be stacked to save space when purchasing multiple bowls and using them only on special occasions. The bowls come in a range of shades, including coloured and multi-coloured. It is also possible to have a bowl gold plated on request. Choose yours from the available stock, or have it made to your liking! <br> The bowl is not suitable for cooking or heating food. The appropriate maintenance method is gentle hand washing.

  • Material

    Well matured glass fibre reinforced concrete.

  • Colour

    Available in shades of grey and coloured versions

  • On demand

    Gold plating available on demand

  • Care instructions

    The recommended method of care is gentle hand washing