Concrete Artistry


What is Aspoň Tohle?

We are a company of craftsmen and artists who decided to join forces and work together, under the flag of Aspoň Tohle. We came from different fields of interest and specializations such as sculpting, design, construction engineering, gilding and others. All of that put forms the face of our company. We love to experiment with fusion of concrete and other materials, such as glass, wood, stone and resin. 

Why concrete amongst other materials?

We chose to work with concrete, because we all have close relation to it. As a sculptors and stone restorators, we have practical experiences with cement mixtures. On the other hand as a designers, we see its gigantic potential and endless variability. Concrete can be modified in all possible ways. From its weight, through strenght, opacity, colour, flexibility, hydrophobicity or heat  resistance to even photoluminiscence. Concrete has no real limitations, to set You back. It only require a lot of time, and patience to tune all of the aspects of Your project and make it behave the way You want it to behave. That is part of the adventure, to be patient tenacious and systematic. 

What do we create?

We really wanted to keep categories of our products as wide as possible. Not to be limited by categories in the future. So far we created 5 categories of products. These are concrete bowls, lighting, flower pots, vases, accessories and jewellery. Especially accessories are wide enough to provide space for any idea, that might come in the future. Our main focus lies in lighting. We have started with our solar lamp Kverdlík, which was supposed to be a revolution in garden lighting. After more than a year we spend on development, it was quite clear, that it wouldnt be that easy because of many reasons and we stopped the development and decided to focus on other products and slowly crawl our way back to restore the idea of our first product. That is how concrete bowls were born. It is a very simple concept, that every concrete craftsmen have in their portfolio. Thought we have matured to a quite different approach which involves more craft and decided to make models for bowls on our own and spin them on a potter's wheel. From gips model, we then refine its shape and make it out of concrete. That is, what makes the difference. Those tiny scratches from sanding and modeling.  That is, what makes our work unique and beautiful. It was made for humans by humans. There is a saying about that amongst stone restorators which says  that small imperfections please the eye.


That was something about the bowls, if You want to learn something about other products, have a look at them here: