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Jiri Kobrle award MKIII

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

The 10th anniversary edition of the Czechoslovak Aircraft Gathering is approaching. This is an occasion worth commemorating and perpetuating with something extraordinary. As a traditional manufacturer of concrete propellers, we have so far conceived the award rather generally, as a relationship between man and machine. However, on the occasion of this anniversary, we are honoured to present a completely unique creation. The real, one and only Jiri Kobrle Award.

Original concept and price for the gathering

Our original intention lay more on the general level of the relationship between man and machine. A symbiotic connection and interplay, on the extent of which life can often depend in the air. In the second prize (MKII), we represented this by connecting a propeller blade held by a human hand. This is an award that, however, conceptualises aviation in general and the link directly to the personality of Jiří Kobrle is not obvious here. These awards are ideal for the various award categories that the gathering organises. However, the Jiří Kobrle Award is really more linked to his personality. To the personal approach and contribution that Jiří Kobrle had on his surroundings. The contribution he has made to aviation. That is why we decided to take this award very, very personally.

New Jiří Kobrle Award

We decided to reconstruct the face of Jiri Kobrle using photographs. We collected as many reference photographs as possible, which the sculptor Veronika Durová then processed, retrieved and perceived in order to create a kind of average of how Jiří Kobrle looks to her. She then sensitively materialized this average into the form of a bust of the smiling kind man with kind eyes and a friendly, easy smile that so many of you knew so well. She carefully modeled every wrinkle and detail until she had created a beautiful model, which we then cast in fine micro-armed concrete.

From the modelling phase :)
From the modelling phase :)

Specifics of the pedestal

We are aware that the bust itself is a somewhat pathetic, opulent and overly classical form of respect, but in this case it certainly makes sense, as the aim is to appeal to personal values and not symbolic shorthand. It is his smile, kind eyes and the natural optimism that he spread around him that should be remembered. In order to avoid pathos and preserve the format of the award, we have cropped the shoulders into an elegant slim curve, leaving only the casual collar of the shirt to underline the humanity and civility of the expression. We believe this treatment makes sense and is correct in this case.

The new award will henceforth commemorate the contribution, character and smile of this great personality. Each recipient will have a much better idea of why and for what they received it. We hope you enjoy it and thank you all for your support.


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