Trully original wedding gift

We offer high quality hand-made bowls made from concrete. It is a long-lasting present, that will remind newlyweds their beautiful wedding day. 

Giving a bowl as a wedding gift is beneficial in multiple ways. Firstly, it is an item of daily use. Always visible on a table, sitting right in front two lovers. As a beautiful memento of their  joint commitment. 

Read more about our concrete bowls nad discover, why they could be truly wonderful wedding gift right for You!

What is actually a wedding gift

Wedding gift should be something, that will benefit both of the newlyweds in their joint life. It should not be something, that is beneficial only for one of them. Wedding gift will be a constant memento of their wedding day and the commitment, they made together.

As a memento, it should be something of daily use, to remind their commitment every day. But not too common, as their relationship and feelings deserve better representation than for example fridge, or vacuum cleaner.

Great idea is a decoration, You can actually use. That is where our decorative concrete bowl comes in

Concrete bowl as a wedding gift?

As we said at the beginning, bowl is actually truly great idea


Original shapes

Our bowls are shaped by artists, designers and creatives of various kinds with love and passion for sculpting and modelling


Precise manufacture

We care about the bowls important details, such as stable footing, uniform edge thickness and the practical ratio between thin edge and massive bottom



Despite the precission of shape, our bowls are unique in its craftsman marks. Tiny scratches  and spatula touches in texture are multiplying the beauty of shaping