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Micro plants with gigantic benefits

Cultivating microgreens is a great way how to get Yourself a fresh intake of vitamins and minerals without any pesticides, fungicides and other chemicals. Easy to digest, always fresh, comes in many many flavours and it´s almost for free.  On top of that, cultivation is easy and fast! Mirracle? Actually... YES!

What can You grow as microgreens?

There are plenty of possibilities when it comes to microgreens "flavours". Microgreens are basically very young plants which already developed their signature taste. For example, small beet sprout already have its typical earthy flavor, mustard seed have mild aromatic nutty taste and so on. Simply put, You don´t have to cultivate the whole vegetable to get what You need! The easiest and most commonly grown microgreens are for example raddish, basil, celery, arugula,basil, cabbage, mustard or broccoli. But honestly, You can give a try to pretty much anything ,that comes into Your mind. Horizon is still wide open, with endless possibilities. Concept remains the same and is  still pretty simple. Become a microgreens pioneer and discover new ones! 


To tease You even more, microgreens

  • Are rich in potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium and copper

  • Are rich on antioxidants (up to 9x higher than mature plants)

  • Have a wider variety of beneficial polyphenols than mature plants

  • Reduce the risk of Heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Diabetes and certain cancers

  • Improves eyesight

  • Boosts your immune system

  • Help to lower cholesterol

  • Nourish the friendly probiotic organisms in your stomach

  • Are tasty and marvellous

  • Cultivation is a soothing and stress-relieving activity


But where to put my microgreens to grow?

Well, pretty much anywhere, one of the causes, why microgreens became so popular is, that You don´t really need anything special to begin. You can grow them pretty well in a Scandinavian mountain village or in a manhattan skyscraper. Technically even on Antarctica research station, but there is contagion risk, that your broccoli will escape to the local environment and became a predator there, such as rabbit in Australia, or Triffids everywhere else. New questions might arise, such as who actually eats who. But let's return to the actual topic.

Microgreens don't need anything special. Just a little bit of water and sunlight. You need only a reasonably dimensioned flower pot to grow them in. It should not be too tall, because the water will soak through the soil and will not provide humidity to a seeds. Plus most of the soil would be unused in this case. The roots would not grow up enough to use the deeper parts before they will be harvested. Flower pot should also have solid floor. Without usual holes as drainage, because You want to keep humidity inside. Plus a lid to cover the pot for germination to start. Where to get it? We joined forces with microgreens experts from and came up with pretty nice solution for You!


Concrete microgreens pot with a starter kit!

As a result of collaboration with experts on microgreens, we assembled a starter kit for microgreens cultivation which comes with almost all necessary parts, to begin with cultivation. The only thing You gonna need to add is water...

First You need to put a coconut tablet in a pot and pour water on it. That will force the tablet to inflate and create fertile soil for Your little seedlings. 

Our concrete pot comes with a bamboo lid, which will protect the little does while germination, where they don´t need sunlight. This phase took around 4-7 days. Afterwards, you just need to keep eye on some water intake to prevent them from drying and that's it!

Or read further about concrete pot Kuzma itself


a microgreens concrete planter!

Lets talk a bit about planter itself. Aside from its practical value and purpose, Kuzma is a truly beautiful piece of concrete which perfectly fit to any modern apartment. It has the right height and diameter for microgreens experiments and startups. Plus it is highly durable planter from glass fibre reinforced high performance concrete. We also offer it in many colour variations. Let´s learn more about Kuzma!


Simple elegant and durable, thats Kuzma!

Kuzma is made from fine concrete reinforced with glass fibres, which provides much higher durability resistance to cracks. Let's have a look at the process behind the creation of Kuzma. Kuzma shape is defined by the handmade gips model. Not by 3D printing or anything too modern. This technique is partially visible on a texture, where You might see little scratches made by sanding the model. These may vary depending on the model we used and the changes slightly in time. Kuzma is real craftwork with all of its beauty and character. 

Model is then formed and form is filled with concrete, compacted by vibrations and vacuum to get rid of air bubbles. After that, the model is moved to mature for at least 28 days in a warm and humid place. We use a wine cellar, which is the perfect solution, made right for this purpose. The maturing process is the very most important part of the production and any attempt to make it shorter might lead to cracks or surface degradation. 

Protected by resin, oils and waxes

When the model is sanded matured and sanded to the right shape, it is time for coating. We developed multi-layered coating procedure which strengthens the concrete and makes it hydrophobic. That means, that water is repelled and does not soak up into concrete itself. This highly prolongs concrete durability, especially when the pot is left outside through winter times. All coating materials, we are using, are certified for contact with food.   

Let's summarize the benefits! Kuzma is...


  • Made from durable and long lasting material

  • Beautiful in shape and texture

  • Handmade product with all of its benefits and marks

  • Coated with food-friendly waxes and oils 

  • Available in colour variants (scroll down to read more)

  • Suitable for gilding with various metals (on demand)

  • Perfect for kitchen herbs, microgreens or gardening


  • Not improving Your Karma

  • Not helpful when dealing with depressions

  • Not edible

The decision is Yours!


Also available in beautiful colour variants

We prepared a set of colour variants made by compacting two coloured mixtures of concrete into one. Have a look at our colour variations and find the right one for You!

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