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We bought 10kg of spa paraffin, could You guess why?

Aktualisiert: 2. Apr. 2021

For quite a while now, we have been preparing to cast quite a delicate model. The whole procedure is not only complicated but honestly risky. In a few steps of this procedure, the possibility of cracking or even exploding of our model is quite a thing. It might be even the very last step, which means, that You can lose a one month of work in a second.

It is truly exciting and thrilling, but we are making progress. First attempts made it clear, that there is no easy way, but also, that paraffine melting will work. We were then able to buy 10kg of spa paraffine flakes to start some test production. If we will be lucky, we can make up to 12 products, unless they do not explode in the final moment. We are trying to get everything done till the end of January. This might be a good lead to discover where we are aiming at.

We should talk about paraffine as a material for a while. It is a surprisingly pleasant material to work with. As I said, it comes in a form of flakes. We can all agree, that we can very well imagine a swimming pool filled with those flakes to swim in. Just like Scrooge McDuck did in his treasure vault. We simply couldn't stop touching it and pour it from hand to hand as some soft and greasy sand. We were quite sad when we had to melt it, as it will never regain this flaky-fluid kind of form again. We need it fluid to hold the shape from inside though, which means melting not once, but twice. We call it the paraffine tunnelling technique for obvious reasons.

There are more ways, how to achieve our goal, but this one is the closest to real sculptors craft and skill. The other one, and the modern one, is 3D printing. But that´s kind of boring, isn't it?

Do You know what we are working on? Stay with us to discver, what we are up to!

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