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Proudly presents MANTA! Queen of the oceans...

Aktualizováno: 16. 6. 2021

We are honoured to present You with the artistic interpretation of her majesty, Queen of the oceans, Giant Manta!

Wonderful concrete statue formed in a shape of a decorative cocnrete bowl
Concrete Manta, design bowl beauty

These wonderful and iconic creatures who live up to 25 years, who might have a wingspan up to 9m and might weigh 1,6 tons, flies in the oceans as the beautiful goddesses of elegance.

It is not surprising when those beauties become an inspiration for an artist. In our case, Manta became an inspiration for Veronika Durová. As a sculptor, she took the elementary shape of this wonderful creature and created an original model of a Manta bowl. It is a beautiful piece of art. Simple, ergonomic, but still majestic, elegant and distinctive.

We took her model and started to transfigure it into reinforced concrete so that it can serve as a decorative concrete bowl. And here we go. The result is an astonishing and impressive masterpiece. Concrete texture perfectly fits the wing-like sharp and edgy shape. It is a beautiful and original piece of art and we are truly proud of it!

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