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Jiří Kobrle Award MKII

We are happy to announce that the Jiří Kobrle Award for the Czechoslovak Aircraft Gathering now has new curves!

When we were working on the first design for Prague Design Week, we knew that we would have to redesign the original design. The main problem was the base and its connection to the propeller blade.

The original design was basically half of half of a single-bladed rotor. While it made logical sense, the base did not look very majestic or even pretty. So we decided to make the base bigger but keep the propeller blade, which looks very good.

Since we have been going to Slety for a few years now, we had a chance to get a glimpse of this unique partnership between man and machine. A kind of symbiosis between the two that allows you to shake off the shackles of gravity and take to the skies. This bond is the main thing we would like to symbolically capture in a simple gesture. That is why MKII is a combination of man and machine. It is meant to embody and glorify the unwavering care and love that aircraft owners give to their machines on a daily basis. It is not only a relationship to the machine, but also to the history of aviation and our tremendous achievements in the field of engineering but also aviation in general.

It is worth remembering the defunct races and recalling their glory. To be proud of them. It's a natural and beautiful form of reinforcing patriotism and we are truly happy to be a part of it!

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