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Industrial furniture from Woodcock and our concrete!

We have been talking to the Woodcock restorers for some time about a possible collaboration in one of their favourite sectors, industrial furniture. We are slowly starting to collaborate and participate in the combinations of concrete, iron and wood that we come up with in other projects and partners. It's not exactly easy to combine wood and concrete just like that. The main reason is the expansion of wood in a humid environment. Concrete needs moisture for its hydration, so it's always important to figure out how to solve this contradiction. Whether to cast precisely defined pockets, for later insertion of wood, or how to build a temporary membrane to bridge the dangerous hydration phase so that the wood does not get wet and the concrete does not crack. This is very interesting work and extremely valuable information and knowledge of just old (mature) and exotic woods. We should soon come up with the first such concrete-wood inlay.

About Woodcock

The studio consists of Dan Tůma and Tomáš Zmrzlý. They combine beautiful old cast iron with old used wood to create unique industrial furniture. They place great emphasis on the recyclability of the materials used and the furniture itself.

More about the studio can be found at

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