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Forge a luxurious iron moonshine from concrete!

Do you like beer? What about beer schnapps? Iron is a Pale Ale made from triple-distilled beer. We teamed up with them to design a special, bespoke gift pack. Now you can give the gift of Iron, which needs to be forged from rock first!

The package contains a stone with a rusty vein imitating oxidized iron. It is this vein that is the weakest part that holds the solid concrete parts together. It's the one you need to target if you want to free Iron. The included steel pickaxe will help you do that.

Originally a concrete boxer was supposed to be included instead of the current pickaxe. It was much more challenging and more powerful, and concrete always goes well with concrete. Unfortunately, however, the boxer proved to be considerably less considerate of the contents themselves, and its use would require a bit more development.

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