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Concrete soap, a revolution in hygiene!

No more lengthy and endlessly annoying soap shopping in the store! Concrete soaps last up to 100,000 times longer than conventional competitive soaps. Our soap will relieve you, and maybe even your children and grandchildren, of the morbidly annoying duty of picking out soap in the store over and over again.

Regular torment with the choice of soap

The issue of soap choice brings a certain panic and nervousness to people's hearts. A general feeling of uprooting and distancing from one's own essence through an endless array of possible scents. Opuntia with cinnamon, mango with hokkaido pumpkin, banana with coconut, kiwi with shea butter... But who on earth wants to smell like butter? What does that send out into the world? What inner demons are they trying to banish? A balanced person has no need to cover up, to disguise himself as someone else's scent. On the contrary, he is the proud bearer of a distinctive and unmistakable scent.

Now you can finally be yourself!

Concrete soap with "fragrance memory" technology does not impose any fragrance on you. It has a memory and the more you use it, the more it adapts to your scent. After two years, it will smell more like you than you do yourself.*

"Choose less, feel better"
Barry Schwartz, The Paradox of Choice

Now with a gift!

For the first 2 million customers, we have implemented an exfoliating massage pad into the soap for free!

Sexual vitality and creativity

Concrete soap can have a beneficial effect on the Svadhishthana chakra, which promotes sexual energy and creativity

Buy now and live a happy life!**

*This is a joke item, please do not buy and sue us if you believe in the benefits of "fragrance memory" technology. We really only sell concrete soap.

** Concrete soap alone does not guarantee a happy life. Don't neglect drinking, a balanced diet, exercise and good mood.

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